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DBA Online Testimonials    

I think DBA Online is a major breakthrough in the computer wargame field.

Alberto Barsellini

By the way, OUTSTANDING program!!!!!!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!
Thanks for creating the best online game on the net.

George Gouveia

Totally impressed with this, what a GREAT concept.
I feel that you have started a monster here with endless possibilities for such a popular game.
keep up the good work
I can not thank you enough for all the pleasure you have given me

Ian Speake

Damn those guys are doing a great job

John McLennan

Terrific! I have been waiting for such a thing for years!

Alberto Veneziani, a 53 years old
wargamer living in Rome

Great jobs guys.... Super job on the game system. This may be the best conversion from board/miniatures to computer game I have ever seen!!! Keep it up...

Joe Collins


John Jernigan
Microsoft Corporation

As for DBAOL - love it. What I really like is that I can get several moves done during the adds on TV - if you want to experience this power just dial up a game with Kanishka.

Mike Campbell

Your team is doing a great job with a great game!!!

Congratulations! We love it! Some friends and I have been spending way too much time playing DBAOL, in the last few weeks! Please allow me to congratulate you, you truly are doing a wonderful job!

You are producing a truly good game! Great job and PLEASE keep up the good work! With my warmest regards and best wishes

D MacGregor "Tom/Duncan"

WOW!!! I'm totally impressed! This is exactly what I've been wanting for quite some time! (I just moved and left my old DBA partner quite some distance away, so now we can still play). I love the graphics and interface and everything!

Stunning! Good work!

Paul Bennett
Software Engineer
Applied Signal Technology

Many thanks for developing a great Internet game. I have been playing Historical Ancients for 20 years and this is the first time I have been able to find opponents easily!

Gary Moriarty

Congratulations and Thank You!
DBA Online is a most welcome addition to my DBA gaming. I'm very excited about this new way to play DBA and I think you all have done a great job. I appreciate your work as it will allow us DBA'ers short on opponents or long distance friends to play now. It's a great game and I commend you!
I really enjoyed playing DBA Online. All in all though, it's a great way to play with DBA'ers all over the world, and I'm very happy to be able to play it and I recommend it strongly. :-)

Jeffrey T. Rodgers
Clearwater Florida

I am currently playing your excellent rendition of DBA online.
I have struggled since moving to a new city (Western Canada) to find a DBA opponent - we liked to play in 6mm, and there are no DBA players here, let alone in 6mm!!
Instead, I am able to now play online with a friend in another city, and maintain our enjoyment of this game. It is very true to the original and plays very well.

Thank you for all the work that you are putting into this enjoyable project!

Ken Madden "Ashlar"

One of the greatest things about this game is the ability to play fellow gamers from anywhere around the world! What were the chances of our ever meeting at a convention and playing?
I love being able to test new armies this way before buying them, to get a feel for the way they will play.
My congratulations and thanks to the team for a great effort so far.
Great work so far, playable, and fun. Gives me a chance to "dry-run" an army against an opponent before club night!
Finally I would like to say I find this MOST useful in solving those "discussions" we have over rule interpretation.

John McLennan

Excellent start to computerized DBA, almost makes it not worth painting all those figures I've just bought!

Ken Gordon

First of all congratulations on your new initiative. This is brilliant - it allows me to play DBA with my many wargamer friends all over the world, that I hardly get to see otherwise.

De Smedt Koen

I have always enjoyed DBA and I am THOROUGHLY enjoying DBA Online. It is fantastic!

George Carr

Great job! Seriously. I love it! I've just begun testplaying and have already e-mailed many of my gaming friends with your site's address. Truly an enjoyable game as well as being true to the nature and spirit of DBA. Excellent job so far.
Thanks, your DBAOL is pretty killer.
Thanks again! Your team is doing a wonderful job. Heck, my friends and I have been enjoying this DBAOL so much that we have returned to playing DBA in miniature against each other again! (We had been playing a lot of DBM. Now it's DBA or "Double-DBA")

Tom Bauman

Just wanted to let you guys know that you did a hell of a job with this. I've been playing DBA for a couple years and have been toying with the idea of doing just what you guys did.

Great Job!

Shane Willerton

I have now played DBAOL for about 6 local games and 4 internet games. I am really enjoying and think you are doing a superb job. As I am based in Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong) face to face opponents are impossible to find. I have had to almost give up figure gaming for the past 12 years so this is especially welcome.

Peter Munn

Hello there...being a net newbie but a fan of DBA I was delighted to find your site. Brilliant!

James Campbell

I am from Canada, and I am a school teacher who had nothing to do put play some DBA during my spare, what a great game.

George Gouveia

First of all, the game looks great. This is the best miniatures game ported to the computer that I've seen.
Keep up the good work!

Paul Suderman

Hi there. DBA On line is great! Fast and easy to use and with good graphics too - a fantastic idea to create this.

Neil Ramsey

I was very impressed with the graphics used in the program. It was very easy on the eye. The element units and maps were very well done and I thought the way elements could be turned/moved was clever.


This DBAOL is a great little program! I wish I had found it earlier.

Dave Bostwick

BTW, I think that this is fantastic so far.

Ron Clement
Senior Software Quality Developer
Cobalt Networks

This is cool!!!

Shane Willerton
Williams Refining, LLC.

Thanks, for such a big work already done. It's impressive.

Riviere Jean-Pierre

Excellent start!

Tom Ryan

I would like to congratulate you on a very professional and elegant program. Keep up the good work !

Nick Salmon

Congratulations on your excellent program.

Aaron Tobul

Congratulations on a superb design! Keep up the great work! Many, many thanks from us all.

Jeff Preston

I am enjoying our game so far. I have been playing DBA since it came out in 1990.

Geoff Nurcombe

Let me offer you congratulations on a really fine job of programming.

Anthony Stapells

I was so upset when I ran out of time online yesterday. I couldn't wait to wake up and get back going on the game. I have only two hours online a day. I am glad that you guys are programming the game because I haven't been able to play DBA against a real opponent and now I can.


Thanks for DBA Online! It is great. You guys have done a terrific job with it.

James Hughes

The game is great!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

Charlie Fugarino "kabiros"

I must admit that its the first time I've played DBA since 1992!

Rhys Batchelor

I've enjoyed playing a few games on your new platform.
First of all, congratulations on the work done!
Let it be assured that on the whole, my impression is VERY positive and I can but encourage you to step further in the same direction.

Marc Leotard

Thanks for your great work to date! We moan a lot because we LOVE what you have done and are just impatient for perfection.

John McLennan

I love what you've done and look forward to future developments.

Tracy Hale

I think DBA Online is excellent. So much so that I have shelved my project to write a computer version of DBA!

Michael Skeel

I have downloaded your beta version of DBA Online and will be using it for local/solo play only. I am very impressed with the initial appearance and congratulate you on your fine work.
I have been playing DBA on-line a lot for the last week and my admiration grows.

Lars Boye

I Really like the game
This is something that was due for a long time.

Mary Lou Houtz

It's been a long time since I've played DBA last. I usually play DBM. But it really is great fun. And a fine program you have pulled of!
All in all a great effort - and greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Daniel J. Jacobsen

Thank you for all your good work on DBAOL, this is my favorite game!


I am very excited with what I have managed to see so far. You and your team have done a great job so far and are to be commended!!


I like the new on-line DBA. You've done a really nice job with it.

Jack Sheriff

I downloaded the beta test of the DBA Online. Fun to play around with.

John Meunier

Wonderful interpretation of DBA!

D MacGregor

Hello I am delighted by DBA online I think it is great!


The program is great though, I can't praise you enough.

James Campbell

I assure you of my continued admiration and appreciation for your work.
DBAOL community owes you all a great debt of gratitude.
You all are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


Good luck, and thanks for making DBA Online a reality.
Keep up the good work.

Larry Irons

I am VERY impressed with the software. As someone who also produces software for a living, I can only hope that my software is as solid in Beta as you've made DBAOL.

Eric Lindberg

Excellent stuff!!! You all deserve a medal (or more)

James and Steven Campbell "O'Duibne" and "Stuckie"

Just like to say that I love your game! It has been very enjoyable.

Jay Taylor

First thing I would like to say is - what a fantastic thing you have achieved here. Thank you very much. It must have taken an enormous effort to get this far, but it was well worth it.

Anthony Butcher

All in all I'm having a great time and thank you for your hard work.

Martin Schmidt

If you have any questions, please, write an e-mail to contact@dbaol.com

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