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DBA Online How to start Playing    

  1. Download the DBA Online installation file. If you have got problems downloading the file, you can order DBA Online CD version.

  2. Install the software.

    If you use proxy Internet connection, you must enter your proxy server settings when asked. Read more >>>

  3. During the first run the program will ask you to indicate your name, alias, country, e-mail and password. After this you have to press "Connect to Server" button and you will be immediately registered as a Trial Player.

  4. With your Trial Registration you will immediately get 4 free scenario games. You can start making your first bounds right away - just click on the Scenario Title to start playing.

  5. You can immediately start playing Trial Games via Internet for free.

    To start a new Internet game:
    • Run DBA Online and choose your profile.
    • Click "New Internet Game" button
    • The program will automatically minimize and run your Web browser, bringing you to your Web-Based Personal Challenge Manager (PCM) where you can challenge other players as well as accept incoming challenges.

    There is an alternative way of accessing your Personal Challenge Manager: go to http://www.dbaol.com/login.htm and enter your login/password.

  6. You can also play Hot Seat Games for free. You may use your own profile or "Local Player 1 or 2" pre-installed profiles. Just press the "New Hot Seat Game" button to start playing.

    Read More about Hot Seat Games >>

  7. Use the "?"-button inside the game to view Help topics (rules, interface manuals, etc).

  8. You can always get detailed info about any button or any unit: just hold the mouse cursor over a button or unit or terrain feature for 2 seconds, and the pop-up info will appear.

That's it!
Enjoy DBA Online

    Proxy Configuration

    The program will ask you to specify your Proxy Server IP address and Port number

  • If you have direct Internet connection (for example, via modem), then you must press "Don't Use Proxy" button
  • If you use a Proxy Server, please, ask your System administrator about the Proxy IP and Port numbers, enter them and press "Use Proxy".
  • You can change the Proxy Setting any time later by running ProxyConfig.exe utility.


    Hot Seat Games

    Hot Seat games are the same as Internet games. The only difference is that your opponent should be playing using the same computer. Hot Seat Games are good for training.


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    DBA 1.2 Rules Wargames Research Group 1995
    DBA 1.22 Rules Phil Barker, Richard Bodley Scott, Sue Laflin Barker 1990-2000