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DBA Online Newbie Corner     

Welcome to the world of DBA Online! If you came here then most probably you are a new gamer willing to join thriving and fast growing community of DBA Online. To simplify this task for you, we created a list of tools, articles and instruction to let you join the community easily:

  1. If you are totally new and do no know how to download and install the game, you should read step-by-step instructions of how to download and start playing the game.

  2. Although game interface and rules are easy and simple they need certain explanations. You may have a look at a short tutorial and view interface screenshots with explanations in our DBA Online Help sections: You may also read short "A Newbie's Guide to DBA Strategy" written by Chris Brantley

  3. If the question you have is not covered in FAQ section, you can ask it at DBA Online discussion forum run by Fanaticus Virtual Community. There are over half-a-thousand of DBA enthusiasts knowing answers to 99.99% of questions you may have. They are ready to answer them any time of day and night.

  4. If you need to discuss certain aspects of DBA Online in real-time, you can visit the DBA Online chat room. If you are already a Trial Player, you may use "Go to chat" button in PCM. If you are not, then you may use DBA Online chat guest login. DBA Online players are very friendly and ready to help if you have got questions about DBA Online.

  5. When you get control over the DBA Online interface and basic rules and would like to try something more unusual, you may browse through DBA Online advanced tactics articles written by DBA coryphaeus David Kuijt.

  6. When you establish yourself as a good one-to-one battle player, you may try your luck and join a tournament. There are dozens of DBA Online tournaments running with hundreds of players in them. They are planned, discussed and run at Fanaticus Virtual Community forum.

Important note: only DBA Online club members may play full-featured games and join Tournaments. Read more about DBA Online club benefits.

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