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Distant Shooting

Elements capable of distant shooting are: Art, WWg, Bw (Lb, Cb)

  • All elements can shoot both at its side's and enemy's bound
  • Artillery can only shoot if it has not moved during this bound
  • No element can shoot more than once during one bound (including return fire and aiding fire)
  • No element can be shot at more than once during one bound
  • If several of your elements are capable of shooting at one enemy target, they do it like this:

The element which is the closest to the Target  is considered to be Main Shooter, the others (no more than 2) are considered as Shooter aides (shooting simultaneously), each inflicting -1 combat modifier for the Target.

  • If the Target element is capable of shooting back. Such return fire can also be aided by 1-2 other enemy elements using the technique described above
  • Element cannot shoot/be shot at if it is in Close Combat/Overlap Position

Artillery shoots at 500p, all the other shoot at 200p

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