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Important Positions

Below are the Positions which are important for Combat purposes (elements can give help to friends during Close Combat if they are in appropriate geometric position).

You may move your elements to such positions using the mouse (freehand) and also using "Precise Movement" buttons.

group-contacts.jpg (16703 bytes)

Group Contact Positions:
  • Bd1, Bd2, Bd4 are in Group Contact with Ps
  • Bd3 is not in Group Contact with Ps because it is partially in Bad Going terrain
  • Lb1 touches Ps but is not in Group Contact because it is not parallel to Ps.


column-contact.jpg (13163 bytes)

Column Contact Position:

Elements Bd1,Bd2, Bd3,Bd4 can form a Column, even despite the fact that Bd4 and Bd3 are in Bad Going.

Bd1 and Bd2 are also in Group Contact.


battle-contacts.jpg (26171 bytes)
Close Combat Contact Positions:

Fighting between your and enemy elements occurs only if your element is in one of these 4 positions:

  • Bd3 is in Frontal Close Combat Contact
  • Bd1 is in Left Flank  Close Combat Contact
  • Bd4 is in Right Flank Close Combat Contact
  • Ps is in Rear Close Combat Contact



Overlap and Support Positions

Overlap and Support Positions:

The following elements are in Frontal Close Combat Contact: Pk3  vs LH, Pk2 vs Kn1, Pk1 vs Ps1 (violet).

  • Ps2 gives an overlap to Pk3 against LH (Ps2 overlaps LH)
  • Ps1 (white) overlaps Ps1 (violet)
  • Bd1 overlaps both LH and Kn1 (simultaneously)
  • Pk6 gives support to Pk3
  • Pk4 gives support to Pk2
  • Pk5 does NOT give support to Pk1, because Pk5 (or Pk1) is in Bad Going

Close Combat with Camp Positions:

  • Cv3 and Cv4 are in legal Close Combat Position with the enemy Camp. IMPORTANT NOTE: During one bound ONLY ONE of them can fight with the Camp.
  • Cv2 is neither in Close Combat Position nor in Overlap Position.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Camp cannot be overlapped. Only Bows can concentrate fire at Camp.

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