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DBA Online Frequently Asked Questions    

Apple Macintoch users


Hardware/Software Problems



Apple Macintoch users
Q: Does DBA Online work under Apple Macintosh?

A: Yes, DBA Online DOES run under Mac.
You need Virtual PC Emulator.

Here is Ed Allen's experience:
"I tried installing DBA Online on a Mac PPC machine under Virtual PC 3.0 and discovered that it had video problems, with redraws of underlying layers following the cursor when over highlighted buttons or in dialog boxes. This was fixed by downloading and installing the update to Virtual PC 3.03A from Connectix, which, among other things fixes some video drivers."
So, if you get problems or strange behavior under VPC 3.0, go to Connectix for the upgrade.


Q: What is the PCM?

A: PCM stands for "Personal Challenge Manager". It is located at http://www.dbaol.com/login.htm
(Or you may access your PCM directly from the DBAOL program by pressing "New Internet Game" button).

This is you Web-Based Interface where you can challenge other DBAOL players for games and accept incoming challenges from other players.


Q: I realized that I cannot find myself in the Challenge list. However, it seems that I have no problem to challenge another players.

A: When you enter the PCM, your name is not listed in the list because there's no need to create an Internet game with yourself. Don't worry - you are listed in other players' PCM for sure, so everyone sees your alias.

If you want to play a game with yourself, just use "New Hot Seat Game" in the program. Such games do not require an Internet connection.


Q: I forgot my username and password. What should I do?

A: Send a request to contact@dbaol.com. Your Username and Password will be sent to the email address listed during the registration.


Q: Whenever I try to login to the Personal Challenge Manager via Web, I receive the following message: "Access to user personal page is forbidden because of wrong User ID or internal server error. Contact the administrator."

A: Login Name and Password are cASE sENSITIVE. Try to enter them exactly as they were in your "New Player Registration" confirmation e-mail.

Also if your System uses other languages than English (for example German or Spanish), please switch to English when you type your Login Name and Password.

If the problem persists, please, contact contact@dbaol.com


Q: I would like to register to play free games.

A: Download the DBA Online software from http://www.dbaol.com/download.htm. Install it.
After that run the program, fill in "New Player", wait for a couple of seconds while the program sends your data to the Game Server, and that's it.


Q: I press "New Internet Game" button, but nothing happens.

A: In some systems there problems with "default browser" settings, so that the browser does not start automatically. Do not worry.

For that occasion, we have implemented the access to your Personal Challenge Manager via Web directly. Please, run your Browser as usually (no need to run DBA Online program) and type this URL: http://www.dbaol.com/login.htm . Then enter your Login Name and password.


Q: I have made several players on my computer, is it possible to remove a player?

A: No it isn't. But you can remove useless Aliases from PCM - drop us a line at contact@dbaol.com and we'll do it. In this way you'll avoid confusing other players.


Q: Is it possible to change the email address for a player that I have created?

A: Yes, write an e-mail to contact@dbaol.com and tell us your new e-mail address.


Q: where in the net can I get the DBA 1.2 rules fixes? I have regular DBA 1.1 book.

A: The latest version of DBA rules is 1.22 Read Help inside DBA Online. It includes some 1.22 Rules notes.


Q: Is there only one Game Master? When is he (they) available to play games when other gamers are not? Does the Gamemaster have other duties besides providing an opponent?

A: Yes, there is only one Game Master. This is Victor Kisly - Executive Manager of Wargaming.Net.
His duty is making DBA Online :-)
He plays games with "Trial Players".


Q: What is the limit as to how many games one player can have going at one time?

A: You can play ANY number of games at one time. Many players have more than a dozen games at the same time.


Q: How many players can be used on one computer?

A: "New Player" button allows to create any number of profiles, so that your wife/husband or kids or friends can have their own independent profiles at one computer using one copy of DBA Online software.


Hardware/Software Problems
Q: When I run DBA Online though, the Server emulator window pops up, but instead of the program itself get a simple error message box "Failed to set 800x600 16bit video mode. Configure your Video adapter (Monitor) so that it supports 800x600 16 bit Mode. If the problem persists, contact the developers by e-mail at contact@dbaol.com"

A: By some reason DBA Online program cannot set "800x600 16 Bit color" display mode. Below are some ideas of how to handle this problem:
1. Check if your display supports 800x600 mode and if this mode is configured properly.

2. If you use 800x600 mode check whether 16Bit color depth mode is configured.

3. Do you have the most recent drivers for your graphic adapter installed? The thing is that even if you have the most sophisticated graphic adapter, but its "native" drivers are not installed it is possible that it currently does not support 800x600 mode which it is obliged to support.
In any case it might make sense to visit the site of your video card's manufacturer and download and install the latest drivers for your graphic card.


Q: My computer (HDD, Windows 95, etc.) crashed. What should I do?

A: Do NOT re-register again.
Just re-install the DBA Online program and hit "Restore Player" button. This will restore your profile and all your games.
NOTE: Alias and Password are case-sensitive.


Q: Most moves in DBA are square -- forward, sideward or backwards. Every time I try to move I get that spinner thing and my element is all over the place.

A: You get the spinner when you click on an element and hold down the mouse button a bit too long. If your click is quick, your element sticks to "hand cursor" and can be moved without changing orientation. If you want to change element's orientation (i.e. "pivot it on the spot") while moving, hold the left mouse button for a while until you get that "spinner" cursor.


Q: My mounted elements can't move in Bad Going.

A: When you select on an element to be moved, have a look at "Terrain Type Panel" just below the small map in the right upper corner. Those ovals ("Gr", "BGo", "GGo", "Rv", "Rd") are kind of "Gear Shifts".
According to DBA rules, if you want to move your element with Good Going Movement Distance, the entire movement path of that element MUST be in Good Going. So, if "GGo" oval is highlighted, the program won't let your element in Bad Going or River.

So, if you want to move your element into Bad Going or River, you must highlight "BGo" or "Rv" ovals.


Q: How do you know what kind of terrain is on the table?

A: If you hold the mouse over a terrain feature for 2 seconds, you will get pop-up info (Hint) on that terrain feature explaining what it is and what type of going it is.
Also, Bad Going terrain features and Steep Slopes (also BGo) are marked with diagonal lines.


Q: How the heck do you break, say the left two units, off a line as a new group?

A: Forming a new group is easy. Switch to "Group Selection Mode", click on any element you want to start your group formation from. The program will automatically highlight all the possible elements, which can be inserted in this group. Then click on any elements you don't want to be included in the group. They will become blue. Only those, which are yellow, will be included in the group. Click "move it" (or click on brown element) to move that group.


Q: I also was unable to move a column in any direction except straight ahead. My understanding is that a column should be able to turn by following the first element and "bending".

A: Yes, columns can wheel (i.e. bend). To do that, just click on the leading element's corner to get that "spinner cursor".
Note, the leading element cannot start the second wheel until the second element goes through the first wheel.


Q: Why isn't the 2nd rank of Bows supporting the front rank?

A: This is because 2nd rank bow doesn't support in DBA. They do in DBM.


Q: Does an element have to be centered on the road, or will it move at road rate if any part is on the road?

A: According to DBA rules It must be centered EXACTLY on the Road at the beginning of your move. It is almost impossible to do manually that's why you should use "To Rd" button.
When an element is positioned exactly on the Road, there is a small shield with "Rd" in its rear right corner.


Q: Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that killing the opposing General or taking the opposing Camp made the battle won?

A: The DBA rules say that a game is won by you if you killed enemy general AND you killed more elements than enemy did. So if you kill 1 enemy element plus one general, but your opponent has killed 2 elements, then the game is not finished.


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DBA 1.2 Rules Wargames Research Group 1995
DBA 1.22 Rules Phil Barker, Richard Bodley Scott, Sue Laflin Barker 1990-2000