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DBA Online Download DBA Online    

Download NOW!  Version 1.11 (126Mb) (New maps patch is included)

Optional downloads:

    1.11 to 1.12 beta patch

Previous versions downloads:

    Version 1.11 old (with gouache painted maps)

    3D Maps (already included in version 1.11)

    New Maps Patch (already included in version 1.11)

If you have troubles downloading or installing DBA Online, or if you just want to save space on your HDD, you can order CD Version.

Read Step-by-Step Instructions

If you are currently using previous versions, follow the instructions below:
1. un-install the previous version
2. remove the previous DBAOL directory manually
3. install version 1.11
4. restore your profile

If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to contact us

System Requirements

  • Windows PC (Intel Celeron, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, AMD K6-2, Duron, Athlon, AthlonXP and higher CPUs)
  • 64Mb of RAM (128Mb recommended)
  • 80Mb HDD space
  • 2Mb Video memory
  • 800x600 HiColor (16bit) display resolution

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DBA 1.22 Rules Phil Barker, Richard Bodley Scott, Sue Laflin Barker 1990-2000