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DBA Online Credits    

We are pleased to thank the following people who helped the DBA Online Project to the GREATEST extent:

David Kuijt for his very valuable assistance in rules interpretation from the very first day when we were only dreaming about computerizing DBA. He also was the most "fruitful" bug reporter.

Bob Beattie for his GREAT help in rules implementations, always giving the "classical" interpretations and very instructive comments and suggestions. He was co-operating with us from the very beginning, before we started computerizing DBA. Bob's influence made DBA Online look like tabletop miniature game.

Chris Brantley for his assistance in rules interpretations and for his assistance in promoting DBA Online at his Fanaticus Forum, generously giving young DBAOL a place to meet DBA players.

Eric Landes and his wonderful wife Jodie for the valuable contribution to DBAOL projcet right at the moment when we needed it.

Peter Munn for his valuable contribution to DBAOL project. That help came exactly at the day it happened to be very useful for DBAOL development.

Peter Bityukov for his MOST intensive beta-testing and enthusiasm (DBAOL was his first chance to play DBA). He is also helping our team to promote DBAOL.

Serge Osipov and Red Graphic Design Studio (www.redgraphic.com) for their great assistance in Graphic Design and Web Design for DBAOL.
Alexander Kibyshev
for his assistance in Linux Game Server administration.

Phil Barker and Richard Bodley Scott for their assistance in rules interpretations made via e-mail and phone.

We are also very grateful to Tom Ryan, Francis Barnett, David Kuijt, Ian Thompson, Jason Ehlers, Jack Sheriff, Andrew Sims, Falco Peregrinus, Grant Morgan for the organization of the first DBAOL Tournaments (plus their intensive beta-testing and bug reports). That gave all the players such a great experience and fun. Due to these wonderful guys DBAOL gained a lot. Those Tournaments showed the developers some unknown aspects of DBAOL and pointed the directions of further DBAOL development and improvement.

There are many more un-named but highly appreciated beta-testers. We are sorry that we couldn't list them all here.

We are VERY grateful to ALL the beta-testers. You helped us to make DBA Online better. Due to your comments, suggestions, bug reports we managed to improve DBAOL since January 17 when the first Beta saw the world.

Wargaming.net will keep working on improving DBA Online and on other Internet wargaming projects. Your pleasure and satisfaction - that's what matters for us. You help us and we work for you.

DBA Online Development Team:

Victor Kisly (Executive Director)
Ivan Mikhnevich (Software Engineer)
Andrew Kovalev (Software Engineer)
Jaroslav Tkachev (Software Engineer)
Alexander Yatsukevich (Graphic Design, Web Design)
Victor Lyaher (Illustrator)
Alexander Pribylov (Illustrator)
Eugene Kisly (Public Relations, Customer Service)

Copyright Wargaming.net 1999-2013
DBA 1.2 Rules Wargames Research Group 1995
DBA 1.22 Rules Phil Barker, Richard Bodley Scott, Sue Laflin Barker 1990-2000