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DBA Online Armies    

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1. Sumerian & Akkadian 3000BC-2004BC

2. Old & Middle Kingdom Egyptian 3000BC-1550BC

3. Nubian 3000BC-712BC

4a. Early Libyan 3000BC-1250BC

4b. Early Syrian 3000BC-2200BC

5. Midianite Arab 1500BC-312BC

6. Early Shang Chinese 1720BC-1300BC

7. Early Northern Barbarian 2000BC-450BC

8a. Hyksos 1650BC-1546BC

8b. Early Canaanite, Ugaritic or Syrian 1700BC-1340BC

9. Hittite 1680BC-710BC

10. Mycenean & Minoan 1600BC-1150BC

11. New Kingdom Egyptian 1550BC-1070BC

12. Early Assyrian 1363BC-745BC

13. Early Hebrew 1250BC-1000BC

14a. Sea Peoples' 1230BC-1165BC

14b. Later Libyan 1250BC-74BC

15a. Philistine 1200BC-1000BC

15b. Later Canaanite, Ugaritic or Syrian 1340BC-1100BC

16a. Later Shang Chinese 1300BC-770BC

16b. Chou and Spring and Autumn Chinese 1100BC-480BC

16c. Warring States and Ch'in Chinese 480BC-202BC

17. Dark Age and Geometric Greek 1150BC-700BC

18a. New Babylonian 746BC-482BC

18b. Neo-Elamite 800BC-639BC

18c. Mede 835BC-550BC

18d. Lydian 687BC-546BC

19. Later Hebrew 1000BC-587BC

20. Libyan Egyptian 946BC-712BC

21a. Early Indian 900BC-545AD

21b. Kushan 135BC-410BC

22. Kushite Egyptian 712BC-664BC

23. New Assyrian 745BC-609BC

24a. Early Hoplite Greek 700BC-450BC

24b. Early Spartan 700BC-450BC

24c. Early North Greek 700BC-450BC

25. Kimmerian or Skythian 750BC-50BC

26. Illyrian 700BC-10AD

27. Thracian 700BC-46AD

28a. Early Achaemenid Persian 550BC-420BC

28b. Cyropaedic Persian 550BC-530BC

29. Saitic Egyptian 660BC-525BC & 405BC-335BC

30a. Early Roman 650BC-400BC

30b. Etruscan 650BC-280BC

30c. Samnite or Ubrian 650BC-272BC

30d. Campanian or Apulian 420BC-203BC

31a. Early Carthaginian 550BC-275BC

31b. Later Carthaginian 275BC-146BC

32. Later Hoplite Greek 450BC-275BC

33. Later Achaemenid Persian 420BC-330BC

34. Syracusan 410BC-210BC

35. Gallic 400BC-50BC

36. Alexandrian Macedonian 355BC-330BC

37. Alexandrian Imperial 330BC-320BC

38a. Antigonid 320BC-285BC

38b. Eumenid 320BC-316BC

39. Lysimachid 320BC-281BC

40. Macedonian Early Successor 320BC-260BC

41a. Early Seleucid 320BC-280BC

41b. Later Seleucid 280BC-83BC

42a. Early Ptolemaic 320BC-275BC

42b. Later Ptolemaic 275BC-40BC

43. Pyrrhic 300BC-272BC

44. Early Armenian 300BC-428AD

45. Galatian 280BC-25BC

46a. Camillan Roman 400BC-275BC

46b. Polybian Roman 275BC-105BC

47. Hellenistic Greek 275BC-146BC

48. Pergamene 263BC-129BC

49. Later Macedonian 260BC-148BC

50. Bactrian and Indo-Greek 250BC-55BC

51. Parthian 250BC-225AD

52. Ancient Spanish 240BC-20BC

53. Numidian 215BC-25AD

54. Han Chinese 202BC-189AD

55a. Early Rhoxolani Sarmatian 310BC-100AD

55b. Bosphoran 310BC-100AD

55c. Siracae, Iazyges or Later Rhoxolani Sarmatian 310BC-375AD

55d. Alan 50AD-1500AD

56. Maccabean Jewish 168BC-104AD

57. Early German 115BC-250AD

58. Pontic 110BC-47BC

59. Marian Roman 105BC-25BC

60. Ancient British 55BC-75AD

61. Scots-Irish 55BC-846AD

62. Chinese Border Nomad 450BC-1218AD

63. Blemye or Nobades 30BC-650AD

64. Early Imperial Roman 25BC-193AD

65. Moorish 25AD-696AD

66. Jewish Revolt 66AD-70AD & 132AD-135AD

67. Caledonian or Pictish 75AD-846AD

68. Dacian 60AD-106AD

69. Middle Imperial Roman 193AD-324AD

70. Early Gothic or Vandal 200AD-493AD

71. Annamese 939AD-1527AD

72. Three Kingdoms Chinese 189AD-620AD

73a. Early Sassanid 220AD-428AD

73b. Later Sassanid 428AD-637AD

74. Early Frankish Burgundian, Alamannic or Rugian 250AD-639AD

75a. Early Saxon, Frisian, Suevi, Bavarian or Thuringian 250AD-804AD

75b. Middle Anglo-Saxon 617AD-1014AD

76. Palmyran 260AD-272AD

77a. Late-Roman (West) 307AD-425AD

77b. Late-Roman (East) 307AD-425AD

78. Korean 300AD-1598AD

79. Hunnic 374AD-466AD

80. Later Visigothic 419AD-711AD

81. Patrician Roman 425AD-493AD

82. Sub-Roman British 407AD-945AD

83a. Medieval Hindu 545AD-1565AD

83b. Moslem Indian 751AD-1526AD

84. African Vandal 442AD-535AD

85. Gepid or Lombard 451AD-1076AD

86. Early Byzantine 493AD-578AD

87. Early Bulgar 559AD-1018AD

88. Italian Ostrogothic 493AD-561AD

89. Slav 476AD-1218AD

90. Avar 553AD-826AD

91. Maurikian Byzantine 578AD-650AD

92. Welsh 580AD-1420AD

93. Khazar 586AD-1083AD

94. Ghuzz 550AD-1330AD

95. T'ang & Five Dynasties Chinese 615AD-979AD

96. Arab Conquest 620AD-660AD

97. Tibetan 560AD-1065AD

98. Burmese 500AD-1526AD

99. Thematic Byzantine 650AD-963AD

100. Arab Imperial 660AD-1090AD

101a. East Sudanese 550AD-1500AD

101b. Abyssinian 100AD-1529AD

102a. Later Frankish 639AD-1072AD

102b. Breton 580AD-1072AD

102c. Norman 923AD-1072AD

103. Andalusian 710AD-1172AD

104. Feudal Spanish 711AD-1350AD

105. Mexican 600AD-1521AD

106a. Viking 790AD-1280AD

106b. Leidang 790AD-1280AD

107. Magyar 650AD-997AD

108. Russ 860AD-1054AD

109. Pecheneg 850AD-1122AD

110. Khmer or Cham 605AD-1400AD

111. Pre-Feudal Scots 846AD-1124AD

112. Norse Irish 846AD-1260AD

113. Anglo-Danish 1014AD-1075AD

114. Khitan Liao 907AD-1125AD

115. Ghaznavid 962AD-1186AD

116. Sung Chinese 960AD-1280AD

117. Nikephorian Byzantine 936AD-1071AD

118. Fatimid Egyptian 969AD-1171AD

119. Early Hungarian 997AD-1245AD

120. West Sudanese 1000AD-1591AD

121. Georgian 1008AD-1683AD

122. Early Polish 960AD-1335AD

123. Communal Italian 1029AD-1320AD

124. Seljuq Turkish 1037AD-1281AD

125. Berber 1039AD-1529AD

126. Papal Italian 1049AD-1320AD

127a. Early Samurai 900AD-1300AD

127b. Later Samurai 1300AD-1542AD

128. Scots Isles & Highlands 1050AD-1493AD

129. Early Russian 1054AD-1246AD

130. Cuman 1054AD-1394AD

131a. Early Medieval Scandinavian 1280AD-1350AD

131b. Later medieval Scandinavian 1350AD-1523AD

132. Cilician Armenian 1071AD-1375AD

133. Commenan Byzantine 1071AD-1204AD

134. Anglo-Norman 1072AD-1181AD

135. Sicilian 1072AD-1442AD

136. Early Imperialist 1106AD-1450AD

137. Feudal French 1072AD-1330AD

138. Early Crusader 1096AD-1128AD

139. Medieval Syrian 1100AD-1286AD

140. Scots Common 1124AD-1512AD

141. Later Crusader 1128AD-1303AD

142a. Early Serbian 627AD-1180AD

142b. Later Serbian 1180AD-1459AD

143. Ayyubid Egyptian 1171AD-1250AD

144. Anglo-Irish 1172AD-1489AD

145. Feudal English 1181AD-1322AD

146. Khwarizmian 1186AD-1246AD

147. Later Bulgar 1186AD-1395AD

148a. Prussian or Estonian 1200AD-1386AD

148b. Lithuanian 1132AD-1435AD

149. Later Polish 1335AD-1510AD

150. Inca 1438AD-1534AD

151. Teutonic Order 1201AD-1522AD

152. Romanian Frankish 1204AD-1311AD

153. Late Byzantine 1204AD-1460AD

154. Mongol 1206AD-1368AD

155. Granadine 1232AD-1492AD

156. Navarrese 1234AD-1378AD

157. Post-Mongol Russians 1246AD-1533AD

158. Mamluk Egyptian 1250AD-1517AD

159a. Ilkhanid 1251AD-1355AD

159b. Timurid 1360AD-1506AD

160a. Early Ottoman 1281AD-1362AD

160b. Later Ottoman 1362AD-1512AD

161a. Early Swiss 1291AD-1400AD

161b. Later Swiss 1400AD-1522AD

162a. Knights of Saint John on Cyprus 1291AD-1310AD

162b. Knights of Saint John on Rhodes 1310AD-1522AD

163. Low Countries 1297AD-1478AD

164. Medieval Irish 1300AD-1487AD

165. Catalan Company 1302AD-1388AD

166. Later Hungarian 1245AD-1526AD

167. Later Imperialist 1450AD-1519AD

168. 100 Years War English 1322AD-1455AD

169. Italian Condotta 1320AD-1494AD

170. Medieval French 1330AD-1445AD

171. Medieval Spanish 1350AD-1485AD

172. Free Company 1357AD-1420AD

173. Early Burgundian 1363AD-1471AD

174. Ming Chinese 1356AD-1644AD

175. Islamic Persian 1245AD-1504AD

176. Hussite 1419AD-1434AD

177. Scanderbeg Albanian 1443AD-1448AD

178. French Ordonnance 1445AD-1494AD

179. Wars of the Roses English 1455AD-1487AD

180. Burgundian Ordonnance 1471AD-1477AD

View detailed Army List

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