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DBA Online Description     

    DBA Online is a worldwide wargaming project, including a computerized version of famous De Bellis Antiquitatis miniature ruleset and the DBA Online Club, an international online community. You can fight ancient and medieval battles with hundreds of live opponents all over the world. You can also participate in Tournaments and Campaigns.


  • 220 historically accurate armies from Old Kingdom Egyptian (3000 BC) to Burgundian Ordonnance (15 century AD)
  • 1200 (!) unique units
  • 50 3D-rendered maps
  • 20 historic battle scenarios
  • Multi-general mode for accurate recreation of large-scale historic battles
  • The game operates and feels like face-to-face tabletop miniature game
  • Flexible Web-based opponent finding and community tools
  • Game modes: hot seat, multiplayer
  • Unlimited multiplayer trial period
  • International tournaments, campaigns, team cups

    Considering the unprecedented variety of historic units and a big number of maps representing different regions/terrain types, the players must employ literally unlimited range of tactical schemes and techniques. This all creates literally endless replayability.

    Many of DBA Online Club members have finished several thousands of games each. An average player completes a couple of hundreds of online games. Dozens of Internet games can run simultaneously. Turns can be made off-line. Short periods of Internet connection (10-20 seconds) are required only for sending and receiving the turns.

    DBA Online is a niche game - it is oriented to tabletop miniature wargamers and military history enthusiasts - it gives them the opportunity to compete with fellow-wargamers from all over the World, recreating the spirit of miniature face-to-face battles.

    The player feedback and intensive Club activity demonstrate that DBA Online has become not just a popular wargame, but also succeeded as a solid international online wargaming community.

    The blend of already successful tabletop ruleset and Wargaming.net’s modern computer and Internet technology brings true fun and ensures players’ satisfaction.

  Keep in mind that

The blend of already popular ruleset with time-proven success and Wargaming.net's modern engine ensures the fun and satisfaction you'll get from playing DBA Online.

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